Friday, April 18, 2008


A few years ago I decided to move some Iris into my Yucca bed. I liked how the foliage of the Iris echoed the sharp foliage of the Yucca. I also knew they would thrive together having the same growing conditions of sun and dry soil. I started with early blooming white Iris but in the past couple of years I've introduced color. The bed also includes other sun loving dry soil plants like Zexmenia hispida, Tetraneuris scaposa more commonly known as Four Nerve Daisy, Calylophus drummondianus, and Helianthus maximiliana also known as Maximilian Sunflower. Some of the Iris I know by name and some are hand me downs. The most recent addition is 'Royal Knight.' It is a wavy dark blue. The peach colored Iris is 'Prissy Miss' and 'Victoria Falls' is a beautiful blue. I look forward to adding more Iris, named or not, as the years go by.

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