Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Patio Pots pt. I

Coleus Crazy!

I laid a brick patio a couple of seasons ago.  At first, I thought it would be a lovely place for chairs and loungers.  What was I thinking!  Extra space for a gardener means EXTRA PLANTS!  There is seating at the picnic table and at four concrete benches, but the rest of the space has been filled with my ever growing potted plant collection.  I think I'll show you all the fun, by breaking up my posts into parts, as I seem to like to do. 

First off, I've gone a little crazy with the Coleus this year.  There are many varieties out there each with distinctively different colors and markings, so it's been a little difficult resisting the urge to own them all.  My patio is in full sun, at the moment, so I've chosen the ones that have been bred for the sun.  I sprinkled in a few other plants for even more variety.  The pots are sitting at the end of my picnic table so while I'm eating, they make me smile!

p.s.  --- Happy first day of summer 2012!