Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've proclaimed the year of 2009 as the year my garden 'comes out.' You can only add so many plants to a garden (or can you?). At some point, the need to create a 'space' that reaches beyond just beds and borders of plants, starts to become the goal. 2009 is that point for me. I've started looking for 'fun' things to place in my garden. Not just your typical statuary that really isn't appropriate for a small suburban (yuck, I hate that word) garden, but personal and unusual objects that define the personality of my garden. This picture represents the start of my 'Art Garden.' All my backyard borders are edged with cedar. Boring! Now they will be edged with excitement! Since taking this photo, I’ve painted a design onto the purple edging that pushes the envelope even further. The blue flowers are the blooms of 'Ajuga.'

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