Tuesday, April 21, 2009


These two Texas natives, Damianita and Calyophus, really pop with color in the spring! The lemon yellow of the Calyophus is intensified beside the golden yellow of the Damianita! I plan on planting, in the same bed, some fall blooming, spider lily (Lycoris radiata) bulbs, that I just got from The Southern Bulb Company. Calyophus and Damianita sometimes re-bloom in the fall and all three plants are xeric, needing no supplemental water.

The Southern Bulb Company http://www.southernbulbs.com/ specializes in antique, heirloom and adapted bulbs. The handsome owner, Chris Wiesinger, is very helpful and will answer all your questions.


NellJean said...

Red Lycoris will be a great contrast to your pretty yellow Texas native plants.

I like lycoris aurea, the yellow version of fall blooming spider lilies. Sternbergias are another fall blooming yellow bulb that I grow.

I grow Persian Shield (strobilanthes) with Lycoris radiata. Lycoris foliage dies back as the Persian Shield comes out in the spring. In the fall, red flowers grow among the Purple foliage.

Kathleen Scott said...

I'm enjoying your gorgeous photos and creative garden placements. And thanks for the referral to the Southern Bulb Company.