Monday, April 27, 2009


Yard Art and Borders

Little by little my backyard garden is being transformed into an art yard! I've begun painting borders and adding bits of 'art' day by day. Each border will be having its own colors and patterns. I have a feeling, as I go, the patterns will become more elaborate. I also dug up an old piece of patio furniture that's missing its fabric. I've always liked the structure of the piece so have held onto it not knowing what to do with it. I decided it would be perfect to hold up the top heavy Bog Sage inside one of my beds. I painted it bright chartreuse and put it on display. The color isn't quite right, so I plan on adding a dark blue patina to it to knock back the intensity a bit. Gardening for me is never boring, making art at the same time just adds to the experience!


D Quarles said...

I cannot believe your yard. How long did it take to paint the cedar planks? I love the old lounger skeleton. It feels like there is a ghost in the garden soaking in the sun and color.

BTW--check out my blog again. I have updates on our yard too. Check out the arbor and rock garden.

NellJean said...

I think the Chartreuse Chaise is perfect as it is. When the bog sage grows in, even more so.

Your borders are reminiscent of the Madoo garden of artist Robert Dash. I find them a little distracting, but certainly much nicer than my total lack of borders.