Saturday, June 20, 2009


Tomorrow spring 2009 is over! The dog days of summer are just ahead. I always say "if you can garden in Texas, you can garden anywhere!" I have to admit that I've been a tad lazy for the past couple of days. I looked outside from the cool of my house and saw the sun glaring down on the plants and decided the house needed cleaning instead. Once I've acclimated myself to the humidity and the heat, I'll be fine. I have a much easier time in the winter getting used to the cold, maybe because 'Texas cold' is cool or even warm in other parts of the country. But when it comes to heat and humidity Texas is right up there at the top with a few other states.

One plant I can always depend on to bloom through the summer is the Purple Coneflower. It stands up to the heat and the flowers last a very long time. If it weren't for coneflowers and swimming pools I don’t think I could survive the summer!

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Kathleen Scott said...

You're not alone! No one wants to go out in 100+F temps. We had the hottest June on record here in New Braunfels...most days over 100F. And no rain...