Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Phyla nodiflora (Frog Fruit)
I planted this Texas native as a ground cover for my walk way. I've let it slip away from me this year and it has outgrown its space. I usually keep it trimmed back around the cement circles leading up to my front door. The growth has never had the chance to bloom because it always gets a hair cut before it has the chance to. I'm really enjoying the cute white flowers, so I may wait a bit to finally trim it back.


Jared said...

Looks good Donald! Have you had any problems with it being too aggressive? I've always been afraid to use it but really like the way it looks.

Donald's Garden said...


Thanks! I have it growing in two places, my front door walkway, and in my drive. I have the typical drive with the strip of ground between two cement strips. I've had trouble growing anything between them. Frog Fruit does great! I cut it back when it starts to spread, which is not a too much trouble. I'd say it could be aggressive, if not kept in check. I love it because it stays a rich green, even when it's dry and hot.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I am THRILLED to have found these pictures of your frogfruit groundcover. I just planted some as my "lawn" and I would LOVE you to have a look and I would love you to help me with the questions I have. Thank you so much in advance! Heather