Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've decided to make one of my beds a mixed bed of ornamental grasses. I've also included annuals and perennials to give it pizzazz. I'm a big fan of Setcreaseas (Wandering Jew) and have four different varieties. I like how they combine with grasses. The most common, which is a deep purple, is at the forefront. In the morning, they are dotted with little lavender pink flowers. Coleus is also part of the mix acting as a 'gatecrasher.' In the top photo, just barely visible, are the bright red blooms of Salvia coccinea sprinkled here and there. A chartreuse potato vine sprawls through like a snake and makes the salvia pop.

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Jean said...

That's a really pretty combination you have in that bed. It looks very full and "fall-like".