Thursday, October 1, 2009


Helianthus maximiliana 'Santa Fe'

It's October, time for my Maximilian Sunflowers to be in full bloom. The scent of honey is everywhere. Since my garden is not that large I kind of have to keep these staked. If I don't, they flop everywhere. They actually look nice that way and when they were smaller that's how I left them. Their size has more than doubled since those days. All through the summer they stand tall and proud, but when the flowers start to weight the stalks down they start to put on their floppy show. I got a couple of these from a nursery in Santa Fe, New Mexico called High Country Gardens The flowers have since then multiplied and I'm more than happy about it!


Kathleen Scott said...

Have enjoyed the lush color in your posts--refreshing after our blast-furnace summer!

NellJean said...

They make a stunning show, the helianthus, and the blue following intensifies the display.