Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tassel Flower (Emilia coccinea)

I ordered seed for this intriguing plant about 4 years ago. That is the last time I've had to order them because every year they re-seed themselves. This habit not only happens in the spring, but all through the summer and fall as well. There are great great grandparents in the same flowerbeds as their offspring. Of course anything red makes me happy, so I'm always pleased for them to pop up anywhere throughout the garden.


Laura-Lu said...


What a lovely garden! I'm very jealous of your incredible gardening skills, as I have none myself. But I'm glad you've stumbled upon our blog so that I could stumble upon yours! Take care!


James Missier said...

Im amazed to note a red tassle flower, we have pink ones but none keep them in the garden as they all are considered as a weed.

Thanks for adding me as a follower in my blog.