Wednesday, December 30, 2009


foliage of Rose 'Caldwell Pink'

One of my newest roses 'Caldwell Pink,' performed like gangbusters this past season. It even out bloomed Knock-Out! The flowers are a light to medium pink that fade to mauve. They are minature in size but there are so many of them in bloom the bush is covered with color. The neatest thing I discovered is that in the winter the foliage is amazing. It turns all shades of orange, bronze, and maroon. This photo was taken the day after our 'White Christmas.'


Kathleen Scott said...

How cool! I love the heritage roses. Didn't know Caldwell Pink put on a foliage show too. You found a winner.

I've enjoyed your blog this year and look forward to following your gardening adventures next year too.

Steffi said...

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