Friday, April 30, 2010


Peggy Martin Lounges.

Some of you may remember my green patio lounger from last year. I painted it lime green and couldn't decide where to put it. It ended up in this little corner of the garden. My 'Peggy Martin' Rose that has just begun to bloom 'lounges' prettily upon it. I took this photo a day ago and this morning when I looked out she was covered in pink blooms, so imagine more blooms! The sculpture on the left is a found ceramic piece that was beside a dumpster where I work. It had been a fountain, in one of the foyers, in one of the buildings. A friend helped me load it home. A very good friend of mine (Debbie - Love Ya!) gave me the totem that sits beside the lounger for an early birthday gift. If you can't see all these details click the photo to enlarge it.

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