Thursday, May 6, 2010


Texas Spiny Lizard
This little lovely was in one of my flowerbeds. I came upon her while I was planting some new plants. She was in the middle of laying eggs. I was going to plant a plant smack dab where she was. When I left the scene for a second, she had covered the hole. She saw me and took off. I now have a spot in my garden where a higher form of life is growing! I'm guarding it like a hawk!


Erica said...

That's so flippin' awesome! Great eyes, I probably wouldn't have seen her and covered her up with the plants.

Charlotta Ward said...

She doesn't look to happy about the company.. :)
We have blue tongue lizards in our garden here in Australia. They can grow quite big and it took a while for my Swedish heart not to stop every time I saw one. Over the years I have learned to appreciate these peaceful and quirky beasts, and they help keep the garden free from snakes and other creepy crawlies.

Can't wait to see the pictures after the hatching. You'll be one proud uncle I am sure!

x Charlotta