Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Gardeners know that part of the process of gardening is one of delayed gratification. The virtue of patience is often tested as one waits for nature to take its course. Such was the case with this yellow Hollyhock.

About four years ago, I collected seeds from some beautiful yellow Hollyhocks in Santa Fe, where my brother was living. I hoped to have some growing in my yard soon. I planted the seeds and their germination was a success. One by one however as the heat of Texas arrived they all melted down to nothing. Thank God I still had more seeds so I tried again. This time all but three drizzled away. Two of those eventually, after becoming quite large, decided to throw in the towel. One survived, hallelujah! It grew into a large plant before the Winter came. All through the Winter it stayed evergreen. I knew that since Hollyhocks are biennials they don't set seed until the second year. Just as I had expected, the buds started forming last spring, but for whatever reason the buds dropped off later that season and the plant shrank into a small plant again. I watched it all through the Winter and it seemed to be okay. This Spring as it grew larger and larger I thought 'this will be the year' and it was! It took four years, but it was worth the wait! Now that I will have seeds of my own, maybe I won't have to wait so long for the next generation!

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