Monday, June 7, 2010


Brazilian Verbena

I was inspired by some photos in a Martha Stewart magazine of some Brazilian Verbena growing in amidst some Mexican Feather Grass. The golden grass contrasted with the purple verbena in a most beautiful way. I decided to try the same thing but with Pink Muhly Grass. Right now it looks a bit weedy for my taste but I'm hoping that in the Fall when the grass is covered in pink that the Verbena will still be around. I'm crossing my fingers!


NellJean said...

Verbena on a stick is hard to photograph, good job.

I always have a hard time with grasses. They look 'grassy' no matter how I try to display them. I may pull the ground cover purslane from around my clumps of Muhly grass and just let them be a patch of grass, which is the way they grow in nature.

Donald's Garden said...

Nell Jean, I agree grasses can look awesome with nothing else around them. I'm hoping that the pink seed heads of the muhly and the grass being much taller in the fall is enough to cover the 'sticks.' I'm hoping all you see is the purple flowers amongst the pink plumes. I think the pink/purple combo will be cool! Of course these kinds of plans don't always work out! I hope I hope!!!

Tim said...

Verbena bonariensis is a favorite of mine, and naturalizes like a weed in Atlanta. I started with two a couple of years ago, and must have at least a hundred of them at this point (after pulling out another 300 when thinning a couple of weeks ago.)

I think it's a plant you'll love. It is like punctuation marks all through the beds.....and the cracks in the sidewalk, and the will definitely last into fall there, and your combination with muhly grass should be exquisite!

Danny said...

Hey, I am obsessed with this verbena, grow it from seed each year but you know what each plant has the fertility of a bunny. I grow it with Rudbechia- Indian Summer- and weave it through my roses. Bees love it here in Toronto. Great blog, your pics are gorgeous. Organic is the only way to go, practiced by my Itaian dad since I was a kid...Bravo Danny