Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Senecio scaposus and Euphorbia anoplia

It's interesting that so many succulents look like sea creatures. I came across Euphorbia anoplia (Zipper Plant) and thought it looked like an octupus. When some Senecio scaposus (Silver Coral)
caught my attention I knew the two had to go together in the same pot. I surrounded the Euphorbia with the Senecio in a pot that reminded me of the ocean. What I ended up with was a strange looking sea creature. I kind of like it.

I owe this spurt of creativity to Debra Lee Baldwin who wrote a fantastic book titled Succulent Container Gardens. I decided to throw my own mix together after reading her book. I have a feeling I'm hooked!


Palisade Stained Glass Art said...

I love the new layout! Really makes the garden "pop" on screen!

Amy - Get Busy Gardening said...

I know this is a really old post... but I absolutely love this!! That pot is gorgeous! Great job putting this one together.