Sunday, September 26, 2010


Salvia farinacea 'Henry Duelberg'

This year I finally decided to toss the Cannas that were at my front door path. I replaced them with a native Salvia 'Henry Duelberg.' I have not regretted the change one bit! The Cannas required constant care. The spraying, the watering - oy - no more! In contrast, The Salvia has had absolutely no care and has been in bloom since mid April. I did save a couple of Cannas and put them in pots. As usually however they look ratty and sad. I may let them die in their pots. I guess I do have my limits when it comes to plant selections. That at least is nice to know!


Anonymous said...

I planted a couple of Henry Duelburgs but they look downright spindly up against your lush photo. What sort of soil are they in and how do you fertilize them? I'm in the Hill Country.

Donald's Garden said...

Francish, The bed they are in used to be a Canna bed so the soil is pretty rich. After watering them in the first couple of weeks, I have done nothing to them. Before I used to pass the Cannas to my front door and groan. They were so pretty in the early spring but afterward just become eye sores. Not the Salvia! I bet your Duelburgs will be fuller next season!

- Brittany said...

I love and miss my salvia. Can't wait for it to come back next summer.