Saturday, July 20, 2013


Dennis Weaver Memorial Park

Yesterday I was able to visit the Dennis Weaver Memorial Park in Ridgway, Colorado.  Vic Payne created an amazing tribute in 2007 with an anatomically correct sculpture of a soaring American bald eagle.  The skies, during monsoon season, in Colorado, are often a spectacular sight to see.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to see the park while the skies were in a state of ecstasy.  The park is a beautiful tribute to a man who was one of earth's kindest caretakers.

A tradition, in the park, is the placing of prayer stones.  The Payne sculpture is surrounded by these stacks of stones added along with prayers from guests of the park.  These displays add a spiritual depth to an already reverent space. 

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Maggie Dwyer said...

That's a beautiful site, Donald! And I agree, the churning sky makes it all the more dramatic.