Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Kelly's Path

Earlier in the spring I had this wild idea to paint all my borders bright colors. I didn't quite get around to it. Nell Jean left a blog message back on April 27th that suggested that the bright edging might compete with the plants in the garden. I decided she was absolutly right. I think I knew something wasn't quite working, but the color idea wasn't the right way to go. It dawned on me, when I had removed some of the old cedar edging, that the answer was no border at all. I plan on keeping the paths but in a much less formal way. Since there will be no borders the plants will be free to spill over into the path. It gives the garden a more natural feel. This path is an example. I've dedicated this path to my friend Kelly who passed away earlier this year.

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NellJean said...

I don't know if I was absolutely right, but your path looks wonderful. I need to take my own advice and work on some beds.