Saturday, April 3, 2010


A lone Daffodil swims in a river of Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea.'
Simple yet elegant, I think!


The Shiny Pebble said...

How gorgeous. You sure have an artistic eye. Now on a side note, what is your reccomendation for watering in TX. Say flower beds versus lawn. I'd love for you to share that info on my last post. Or if you answer here, I'll leave a comment there quoting you. :)

Donald's Garden said...


I've never regretted transforming most of my Saint Augustine grass into flower beds. Less watering, less work, more beauty! I read a cute little book titled 'Mrs. Green Thumbs Plows Ahead' a few years ago. The author talks about how most Americans have adopted landscapes unsuited for the typical American house. Which is the a large green lawn with a couple of trees. She believed the cottage style made more sense. I couldn't agree more! I'm happy that more and more people are planting flower beds in their front yards. Our tastes are changing because of it. What once looked odd to us is starting to look right.

btw- I've spent the last two days pulling weeds from my grass paths - ugh! "What about weeds in the flower beds," you ask? Not a problem! The beds are well mulched.