Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tulip saxatilis 'Lilac Wonder'
I planted 'species' tulips this past winter to see how they would do. This one T. saxatilis 'Lilac Wonder' did very well and is blooming as I type. Since these are naturalizing tulips, I expect to see them again next year as well as the following years. If I don't, well I get to enjoy them now!

For more information about Species Tulips for Texas, go to:


The Shiny Pebble said...

A naturalizing tulip in TX?! Must investigate further. How fun I got a new neighbor. I was telling my husband I found a TX gardener's blog... Lots to learn!!!

Palisade Stained Glass Art said...

ooohhhh! So pretty. You guys are so much further along in spring that we are.

College Gardener said...

Very pretty...I would love a reliably naturalizing tulip. So far my experiences have been varied and unpredictable - species tulips have vanished after a single season while some fancy, ruffly and streaked hybrids have faithfully returned year after year. Oddly enough, parrot and lily-flowered tulips appear to be the most reliable for me.