Monday, May 24, 2010


Red Hot Pokers
These beauties show up every year right when the Spring weather is changing into Summer brutality. I guess you'd expect 'Red Hot Pokers' to be, well, HOTTT!


College Gardener said...

I love these! They sell them at nurseries up here in Michigan quite frequently but they never seem to make it through the winter and I never see them actually growing in anyone's yard.

Palisade Stained Glass Art said...

I love Pokers but I never seem to have luck growing them. I get a great bloom the first season and then they seem to die on me through the winter. Must be the extreme western winters.

mangocheeks said...

Our neighbours (renting accommodation below) had red hot pokers growing on their front garden. The first thing they did was chop them down (I was so angry, because the bees were bothering them. Of course the bees were loving them. Sadly this year, the red hot pokers have not come up. Such a shame, people don't enjoy beauty of flowers and of wildlife.