Friday, May 21, 2010



Yarrow, Lantana and Wildflowers
I've devoted one of my front garden beds to wildflowers this year. It is to be a Rose garden someday but for now I thought I'd fill it in with flowers from the prairies . I ordered seeds of 'Summer Pastels' and 'Summer Berries' Yarrow. They grew nicely for me, but I didn't get to see blooms until this Spring. I'm very happy with the outcome. The larkspur etc. were from seeds tossed out last fall.

Last year this bed had two Wichita Blue Junipers growing that were finally getting about six feet tall. The heavy snow storm last winter however deformed them beyond recognition. I decided to pull them out and re-think the bed. Although I've grown wildflowers in this bed before, I haven't let them grow with such abandon. Driving up to the house, this is the first bed you see to the garden. I hope it says 'WELCOME.'

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