Friday, February 18, 2011


Crocus vernus

The first bloom of the year! Spring is almost here!


Palisade Stained Glass Art said...

OOOHHH! Color!

Lancashire rose said...

How do you do it with the crocus? I planted some last year for the firs time. All I have is some spindly leaves and no blooms!

Donald's Garden said...

----Just wait. Mine have been in my yard for about 5 years. ---My purple ones are confused however --- they were blooming in December. They rarely bloom and never in the spring! I can always rely on the orange ones every spring though!

krepsemor said...

Yes, the spring is indeed almost here! And I love it =) Here in Norway in winter, where the snow is covering our garden, we really appreciate it a lot when the snow meltes away. Now it`s all gone, but no flowers yet. But marsh can be a huge snowmonth, so I won`t be to pleased about it yet!
You have a wonderful blog, with lot of beautiful flowering. I will come back and visit you later!