Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sedum telephium

What happens when summer kisses spring? That's what is about to happen with my Sedum telephium.

It started blooming as it always does in the late part of summer. As autumn approached, the pink flowers turned into russet seed heads. The beautiful reddish hue remained in the fall and through the ice and snow of winter. Now, as spring approaches, fresh new foliage is beginning to emerge. The proud stems standing about a foot above the new growth seem to be saying 'look how far we've come.' The auburn heads contrast so beautifully with the green leaves, that I plan on leaving them until the first day of spring when I will scatter them into the earth, but not a day sooner! I want the seeds and stems to enjoy the first sunlight of spring intact.


The Constant Gardner Bookworm said...

Save a seed head for me.

mfrazier33 said...

As always, Donald, your garden is beautiful even in the earliest stages. Wine in the garden when it bursts into color!!! I will be there!

krepsemor said...

Sedum is a interesting plant, I think! This year I have been sown Sempervivum mix, and they are growing slowly! But I am looking forward to see how they will become later! Gardening is rather exciting =)
I wish you a nice weekend!