Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Iris germanica 'Prissy Miss'

I bought the rhizome for 'Prissy Miss' at the hardware store nine or ten years ago.  She has been my best performing Iris.  She multiplies rapidly so I'm able to pass her around to friends almost every year.  She is also the iris that gets the most comments from people.  She has just started to bloom so her display is about to begin.  Step right up to see the show.  And friends, let me tell you, there ain't nothing prissy about this miss!


Anonymous said...

That is my favorite color. What a fantastic blossom. Will they grow anywhere? Like in Central Oregon high desert?

The Monograph Collector said...

Mama said she'd trade you irises. "Some of my giant iridescent white ruffled ones, the periwinkle colored ones, the yellow and white ones or the yellow ones with orange stamens for some of those peach ones..." ;-) - Carissa