Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Clematis 'Warsaw Nike' and Ajuga reptans

The first bloom of my Clematis 'Warsaw Nike' was just too beautiful not to bring indoors.  I decided before I took her in to snap a photo of her near the Ajuga that grows at her feet.  The blue flowers of the Ajuga help show off the richness of Warsaw Nike's color.  I love that both plants bloom at the same time each year.


krepsemor said...

Your Clematis 'Warsaw Nike'is really beautiful! Does it really bloom now in march? Ajuga reptans is rather aggressive in my garden. It spread to the lawn last year, so I had to remove it from my flowerbed! Now it grows in the forest edge.
But I love the colour of the flowers!

Stein said...

What a great shot! Here in Norway there is still a way to go before we can see flowers in our gardens. At least here in Oslo, so until then we have to look at pictures like yours and long for better days ;-)
Have a nice day!